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The endowments managed by the DSU Heritage  Foundation under the College on The Hill Endowments and the Blue Hawk Scholarship Fund provide long-term scholarship and program support.  Currently the Foundation manages over $19.50 million dollars in endowments that provide scholarship to support Dickinson State University students including all disciplines, athletics, extra-curricular activities, and other areas of interest.  Endowment funds have a minimum contribution of $25,000.

Dickinson State University Academic Endowment Asset Allocation
Dickinson State University Athletic Endowment Asset Allocation
Dickinson State University Endowment Growth
Dickinson State University Endowment Contributions


An endowment fund is a permanent fund in which the spendable amounts are based on the earnings the principle generates. Despite the specific use of an endowment, all funds have a common objective - to provide support not just for one year, or one generation, but in perpetuity. These earnings are then calculated with a 3-year rolling average to assure consistency and provide income even in down years.


Creating an endowment provides an opportunity for one to fulfill their own personal philanthropic goals while helping to support the needs and mission of Dickinson State.

Endowments may be established for many reasons including:

permanently honoring a loved one or mentor,

saying "thank you" for an education,

celebrating personal and professional accomplishments,

perpetually supporting educational excellence at Dickinson State University,

assisting today's students in becoming the leaders of tomorrow,

and leaving a  permanent legacy.

Endowments offer many benefits to the donor in the form of tax savings under both state

and federal laws.  Depending on the type of asset given and the type of gift arrangement selected, it is possible to enjoy current savings on income taxes and gift/estate taxes.


Endowments allow Dickinson State University to create and maintain excellence in academics beyond what can be accomplished from state funding.



  • support scholarships,

  • provide faculty teaching and research support such as funds for faculty chairs, distinguished professorships, visiting professorships, or lectureships;

  • enhance academic and/or program support such as named centers, institutes, departments, or colleges;

  • assure unrestricted support providing funds to allow Dickinson State University to address new and emerging strategic priorities in the future - which may be unanticipated today.

College On The Hill Endowments


Alvin & Marionette Krogh Education Endowed Scholarship 

Angnes Kukla Burian & Steve Burian Endowed Scholarship

Anne (Waldock) Mallberg Endowed Nursing Scholarship

Blue Hawk Touchdown Club - Arlan Hofland Endowed Scholarship

Ben & Marie Maus Endowed Scholarship

Ben C. Frank Endowed Scholarship

Bernard & Anna Oppoien Endowed Scholarship

Betty Reichert Endowment

Binde/King Business Endowment 

Blue Hawk Nursing Endowed Scholarship

Bravera Bank Endowed Scholarship

Cal & Cathly Lundberg Math & Science Endowed Scholarship

Carolyn F. Perdue Endowment

Charles A. Johnson and Kenneth C. Johnson Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Charles and Hazel Scott Endowment

Charles Duane Finck Endowed Scholarship

Chris & Rhonda Fitterer Endowed Scholarship

Clifford Keithly Endowed Scholarship

Dale & Barbara Jorgenson Endowed Rodeo Scholarship

Dale & Glenice Hansen Endowed Scholarship

Dalton James Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Dan & Carla Porter Endowed Scholarship

Darrel and Joanne Quale Ranch Endowment

Darwin & Harriet Whelan & Charles E Scott Education Endowment

Deborah (Mallberg) Aldridge Endowed Nursing Scholarship

Dennis & Vaune Johnson TRHLP Endowed Chair

Dennis & Vaune Johnson-Business & Entrepreneurship End Chair

Don Seidl Memorial Endowment

Don Seidl Memorial TR Endowment

Dorothy (Reckard) & Oliver Light Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Dorothy Stickney Fine & Performing Arts Endowed Scholarship

DSU Heritage Foundation Board Restricted

E.D. & Bessie Culver Endowed Scholarship

Ed & Toni King Merit Endowed Scholarship

Edward & Rozella Schwartz Endowed Scholarship

Engle Kesting Foundation Endowment

Fisher Industries Endowment

Frank & Louise Pearson Music Scholarship Endowment

George & Murtle Dynes TR Honors/Leadership Endowment

George & Myrtle Dynes Elementary Education Endowed Scholarship

Georgia Gutensohn Endowed Scholarship

Georgia Raasch Nursing Scholarship Endowment

Haakedahl/Jorgenson Rodeo Endowment

Harold & Helen Hanson Scholarship Endowment

Harold Edward & Eva Rith Webb Murphy Family Endowed Scholarship

Hertz Scholarship Endowment

Irene Schafer Endowed Scholarship

Irving S Raab Agriculture Endowed Scholarship

Jack & Velma Olin Endowed Scholarship

James & Darlene Schwartz Endowed Scholarship

Jim & Sonja Ozbun Endowment

John & Alice Travers Memorial Endowed Scholarship

John & Rosalie Wosepka Merit Endowed Scholarship

John P. & Leone V. Krank Agriculture Endowed Scholarship

Joseph & Dorothy E (Basaraba) Zilkowski Endowed Scholarship

Joseph P. & Rose M. Frenzel Endowed Scholarship

Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing

Knute and Blenda Hagen Endowed Scholarship

Larry & Ruth Stang Annual/Endowed Scholarship

Lavern Jessen Family Endowed Scholarship

Leroy "Bud" Perry Endowment for Agriculture

Les and Dawn Olson Endowment

Les Fleury Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Louis Anderson Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Lucille Law Endowment for Nursing

Luella Hollenbeck May & Dotti May Endowed Scholarship

Merit Endowed Scholarship

Orton Family Endowed Scholarship

Osmund & Mary Jane Baggenstoss Endowed Scholarship

Pay It Forward Endowment

Quality Quick Print Endowment

Regina Roth Endowment

Robert & Betty Jo Todd Endowed Scholarship

Ron & Judy Bock Endowed Scholarship

Rose Eschenko Family Clubs & Organizations Endowment

Rotary Nursing Endowed Scholarship

Roughrider Electric Endowed Scholarship

Sandi Frenzel Endowed Scholarship

Senester & Florence Anderson Memorial Endowment

SPSC #398 Endowed Scholarship

Steve (Butch) & Patti Goodall Endowed Scholarship

Susanna Remias Reinhiller Endowed Scholarship

Terrald & Carol Bang Rodeo Endowed Scholarship

The Dan Stanton Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Perdue Family Endowed Scholarship

The Rase Family Agricultural Endowment

Thomas & Rhonda Mitzel Endowment for Scholarship

Todd & Patti Jo All Endowed Scholarship

Tom & Marie Arnold Endowment

Triple R Memorial Endowment

Wanita Beck Beal Endowment

Western Cooperative Credit Unin Endowed Scholarship

Winn Construction Endowment

Woodrow Silvo Monica, Jr. Endowed Scholarship


Douglas J. Jaeger Memorial Endowed Basketball Scholarship

Mike Armstrong and Family Endowed Wrestling Scholarship

Henry "Hank" Biesiot Football Endowment

Miles Bollinger Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Robert Waldal Basketball Scholarship Endowment

Lavern Jessen Family Endowed Scholarship

AKA Angels of 09/Alice Pierce Softball Endowment

Roger & Jean Huffmann Track/XC Endowed Scholarship

Jimmy Jesperson Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Athletic Endowment

James A Foss Cross Country Endowed Scholarship

1980's DSU Team Endowed Football Scholarship

Douglas Hyke Memorial Endowment

Sam Milanovich MBB Endowed Scholarship

Janae's Way at DSU WBB Endowed Scholarship

Tim Sigl Memorial Endowment Scholarship

Blue Hawk Wrestling Endowed Scholarship

Lowman Walton Scholarship Endowment

Betty Ann Fridley 2009 Women's Basketball Team Endowed Scholarship

Don Seidl Memorial Endowment

Blue Hawk Touchdown Club Academic Endowed Scholarship

Richard Weber Wrestling Endowed Scholarship 

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