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The DSU Heritage Foundation Board is comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds. The board members are leaders with ties to Dickinson State University

or to the community of Dickinson.



The DSU Heritage Foundation thanks the following past board members for their service:

Mr. Dale Hansen

Ms. Judi Schnell

Ms. Shirley Dukart

Mr. Mike Armstrong

Mr. Gordon Thomas

Mr. Jay Skabo

Mr. Jim Ozbun

Dr. Woodrow "Chip" Poland

Ms. Mary Nordsven

Mr. George Nodland

Dr. Holly McBee

Mr. Arlan Hofland

Mrs. Kari Hanstad

Mrs. Sandi Frenzel

Mr. Paul Clarys




Principle Responsibilities:

  • Review and approve the following, in compliance with the Heritage Foundation Gift Acceptance Policy:

    • New creative gifting options.

    • New and existing volunteer engagement development programs.

    • Total gift activity.

  • Policies brought forth by DSU Heritage Foundation staff and/or University personnel.

  • Develop and approve a marketing and communications strategy (including branding, positioning and messaging) as it relates to item #1.

  • Develop initiatives to increase the donor base and giving totals.

  • Develop strategies to establish, maintain and enhance the donor development programs.

  • Work with the Heritage Foundation’s Strategic Planning Committee for determining goals for giving programs.


Principle Responsibilities:

  • Responsible and accountable for oversight of budgetary and financial operations of the DSU Heritage Foundation including development of financial controls, addressing financial irregularities, annual budgets, financial reporting and auditing.

  • Assure the financial affairs of the Heritage Foundation are conducted within appropriate financial/accounting best practices and controls.

  • Engage with Foundation staff in recommending banking, borrowing and short-term (less than 12 months) investment arrangements.

  • Collaborate with the Foundation staff in the development of the fiscal annual operating budgets and prepare recommended budgets for Board approval.

  • Assure that the financial affairs of the Heritage Foundation are in compliance with federal and state law and NDUS policy.

  • Develop policies and operating strategies necessary to manage the financial matters of the Heritage Foundation.

  • Review and provide oversight to the audit process and all financial reporting. This includes making a recommendation to the Heritage Board for approving the auditing firm and final approval of the annual audit.

  • Provide policy, guidelines, levels of authority and operating parameters to Foundation staff on matters of financial operations. Performance metrics should be included when defining levels of accountability, responsibility or authority so that it is clear when expectations are being met.

  • It is the responsibility of the Chair of the Finance Committee to assure proper communication, coordination and calibration of Heritage Foundation financial matters with Dickinson State University and specifically with the DSU Vice President for Finance and Administration.

  • DSU Heritage Foundation Treasurer will be the Chair for the Finance Committee.


Principle Responsibilities:

  • All gifts considered to be marginal risk may be accepted by Foundation staff on behalf of the Board of Directors. This includes Gifts in Kind with a Fair Market Value less than or equal to $5,000.

  • All gifts considered to be of moderate risk may be accepted by the Foundation staff after approval by the President of the Heritage Board and/or Executive Director of the Foundation. Gifts valued at a minimum of $10,000 and considered to be of moderate risk shall be reviewed by the Gift Acceptance Committee at the meeting following the receipt of the gift.

  • All gifts considered to be of material risk shall be approved by the GAC before the gifts may be accepted by the Foundation. It is understood that upon acceptance by the GAC, all gifts considered to be of material risk shall be documented with a written understanding between the donor and the Foundation.

  • A majority of the GAC members shall constitute a quorum for any committee meeting. Action of the committee shall require a majority of the members voting at any meeting at which a quorum is present. If a majority decision cannot be reached, the gift will be declined.

  • The GAC may use its discretion to determine whether a gift will be forwarded to the Foundation’s Board of Directors for review and final decision.


Principle Responsibilities:

  • Responsible in a fiduciary and policy capacity with respect to long-term investments referred to as the Portfolio, including operation and administration of that Portfolio. This committee reports to the Heritage Foundation Board by providing recommendations and oversight in the following areas of responsibility:

  • Responsible for ensuring all investments are managed consistent with the short-term and long-term financial goals of the Heritage Foundation.

  • Assure the establishment of investment policies governing the investment Portfolio which includes endowment funds, annuities, Legacy gifted funds, long-term investments (investments exceeding 12 months) and other assets of the Heritage Foundation.

  • Oversee the investment Portfolio and the Portfolio fund manager(s), including recommending to the Heritage Board, the level of committee control and engagement with the manager(s) in investing the Foundation’s Portfolio.

  • Assures a Heritage Board risk analysis process is in place and reviewed annually.

  • Established accountability standards to be used for monitoring the progress of the Portfolio’s investment program and for evaluating the contributions of the fund manager(s) hired on behalf of the Heritage Foundation and its stakeholders.

  • Overall responsibility for Portfolio asset allocation policies and any diversification policies needed to manage the risk of invested funds.

  • Determines the long-term investment objectives of the Portfolio and long-term payout policies.

  • Makes recommendations to the Heritage Board on the annual spending/payout on endowments.

  • Assures all investments donated to the Heritage Foundation are consistent with the Foundation gift policy.


Principle Responsibilities:

  • Establish and communicate to all interested stakeholders the time table and process for Heritage Board elections.

  • Work with the Heritage Board Executive Committee and Standing Committee Chairpersons to evaluate existing Board members’ talents, experience, and capabilities with an objective to identify organizational gaps and needs required to optimize future Board/Committee performance and results.

  • Work with the Executive Director to identify, recruit, cultivate and enlist strong prospective board candidates.

  • Assure a process is in place to educate and orient prospective board members during the recruitment process, and work with the Executive Director and Executive Committee to assure formal orientation training once a new member has been approved.

  • Nominate to the full Foundation Board new candidates for Board, Executive Committee (Board Officers) and Standing Committee Chairperson openings.


Principle Responsibilities:

  • Provide leadership, guidance and recommendations on DSU Heritage Foundation strategies, fundraising and external relationships.

  • Assure DSU Heritage Foundation priorities and strategies are aligned with the priorities defined in the DSU Strategic Plan.

  • To draft the Heritage Foundation Strategic Plan and set forth operating priorities for a specified three year period to fulfill the Strategic Plan.

  • Track strategic planning goals and update as necessary.

  • Determine areas of focus for fundraising work (unrestricted giving, annual giving, leadership programs, grants, endowments, planned giving, legacy giving, etc.)

  • With input of committees and staff, establish Heritage Foundation fundraising goals on an annual basis.

  • Recommend donor giving programs and objectives.

  • Plan for continuity and enhancement of external relations, including with DSU faculty and students, the entire DSU campus community, the Dickinson community, DSU alumni, donors to the Foundation and Board emeriti.

  • Plan and assist in carrying out Heritage Foundation capital campaigns.

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