Triple R Endowment

Creation of the Triple R Memorial Endowment

The Triple R Endowment for Pass-Through Scholarships is a fund developed to recognize memorial gifts given by loved ones to the Heritage Foundation that didn't qualify for their own endowment. This fund supports the memory of individuals that have passed away, and was developed in memory of our three lead gifts to the fund.


  • Regina Roth: a dedicated teacher at Mott Public School until her retirement who made an impact in the lives of many young students


  • Betty Reichert: a long-time Dickinson resident and loyal supporter of Dickinson State University


  • Genevieve Rost: a graduate of Dickinson State College who worked as a bookkeeper for many years                                            


These three donors were all from ranching families and were highly involved in the community and in Dickinson State University. 


Triple R



Giving to the Triple R

This is an endowment account where all families can donate to support the memory of individuals who have passed away despite the amount the memorial raises. 

The person's name in which each memorial is gifted will receive credit with recognition on the Memorial Remembrance areas. 

A minimum donation of $2000 will be needed to join the Triple R. Contact the DSU Heritage Foundation with questions.



In Memory Of 

Donations to the Triple R Endowment have been given in memory of:

Names again

Learn more about these individuals by clicking here.

How the Triple R Memorial Endowment Helps Students


To be eligible, a student must:

        a. Be a full-time student in good academic standing at Dickinson State                University

        b. Be worthy, deserving, and of good moral character

        c. Show promise of leadership and academic ability

        d. To be used for deserving students who qualify for Merit Based                             Scholarships at DSU

Selection Process:

        1. The recipients of the Triple R Memorial Endowment shall be                                recommended by the division of student affairs and shall be                              approved by the Dickinson State University Foundation Scholarship                Committee.

        2. The scholarship application deadline will be no later than February                   1st with the award being announced by may of any given year.

        3. The Foundation management and Allocation Committee will                            annually establish the number and award amount.