Fine & Performing Arts

Culturally Enhancing the Region

Generous contributions to the Fine & Performing Arts Society allow students to pursue a Dickinson State University degree. These students come from across the globe and bring life, culture, and creativity to the campus and community of Dickinson.





The Society at DSU

Becoming a member of the Society Patron Circle at supports all DSU Fine & Performing Arts Programs. These events offer a vital level of culture in art to the Dickinson State University campus and the Dickinson area community. These opportunities also give students the opportunity to create art at a high level. All levels of giving will receive name recognition at all DSU Fine & Performing Arts events. These occasions include plays, concert, gallery, and other events which students take part in.

"The DSU Fine and Performing Arts program has ultimately shaped the individual I have become today. The collaborative effort among students and teachers alike is nothing short of amazing. What a great and unique opportunity for students to be able to pursue anything and everything they are passionate about in such a welcoming, tight-knit atmosphere.” Damon Fichter ’15, Medora Musical Burning Hills Singer 2014-2016
Our goal is to continue to provide excellence in Fine & Performing Arts and continue to improve the culture of DSU.

Becoming a Patron

Investing in Fine & Performing Arts by joining The Society at DSU, you give every single student at DSU the opportunity to take part in a theatrical, musical, artistic, or creative endeavor. These not only assist students in furthering themselves intellectually but enhancing the level of culture at Dickinson State University. Giving to The Society can be done through our The Society Giving Page, if you wish your donation to go towards a specific program (Art, Communication, Music, or Theater), towards the Frank & Louise Pearson Endowment, the Carnegie Hall Experience, or you can give to the general Fine & Performing Arts scholarships. Your online payment is securely processed by Blackbaud Merchant Services. You can also pledge your donation and set up a convenient payment plan- monthly, quarterly, or whatever works best for you! Contact the DSU Heritage Foundation (701) 483-2486 to set up a plan.

Frank & Louise Pearson Endowment

This endowment was established by an anonymous donor in honor of Dr. Frank Pearson and his wife Louise. The Pearsons were devoted to serving Dickinson State University and educating the students.

Frank Pearson joined the faculty of Dickinson State College in 1963 as Chairman of the Music Department. He served Dickinson State University for 23 years invarious positions including as Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences. He received degrees from Albion College in Michigan and master of music and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Michigan. Frank served in the infantry in Europe during World War II and received the Bronze Star and Purple Heart. He served as president of the North Dakota Music Teachers Association, president of West Central Division and a member of the National Executive Board of the Music Teachers National Association. He was appointed by the governor of North Dakota to the North Dakota Council on the Arts and the North Dakota Bicentennial Commission. Frank received the Golden Moccasin Award (now called the Golden Hawk Award) from the DSU Alumni Association in 1989.

Louise Pearson was Head Librarian at Dickinson Public Library and then worked for 13 years at Stoxen Library at DSU. Louise received her B.S. from Virginia Tech and also did post-graduate coursework at University of North Dakota and Kent State. She has been a long-time volunteer at St. Joseph’s Hospital. This endowment will continue to grow thanks to donors supporting students in the Fine & Performing Arts Department while continuing the legacy and service of Frank & Louise Pearson.