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Board Members June 2021

  • Eric Boettcher, President
  • Paul Clarys, Vice President
  • Jason Kraft, Treasurer
  • Heather Dressler, Blue Chicks
  • Aric Mines
  • Brian Zubke
  • Dave Michaelson
  • Donny Woolery
  • Randy Schwartz
  • Steve Perdue




The Blue Hawk Touchdown Club exists for one reason: to support the Dickinson State Football program and the lifelong development of its student athletes from their experience in intercollegiate football and beyond.

  • Build Community: Whether it be online or along the sideline, we want to provide a gathering place for the Blue Hawk family. From former players to coaches, parents, staff, faculty, students, fans, and even equipment managers - we strive to strengthen the sense of community amongst all stakeholders in Dickinson State Football.
  • Garner Financial Support: Football is a sport that increasingly requires significant financial resources. Do we think it is worth the investment in the lives of the young men that choose to join the Blue Hawk family? Absolutely we do.
  • Help Spread the Word: Playing football at Dickinson State is not for everyone and finding those fit to be a Blue Hawk student athlete is not easy. We aim to provide our coaching staff with the resources they need to recruit those who have what it takes to carry the tradition and play Blue Hawk Football, in accordance with NAIA regulations.
  • Expand the Network: The bonds developed through football at Dickinson State last a lifetime. It is our goal to foster a network that perpetuates this bond beyond the Hill and brings Blue Hawk Football players and supporters from all eras together, whether it be for camaraderie, educational, or professional development.
  • Keep the Tradition: Football at Dickinson State has a long and storied history. In different ways, this history contributes to each of our own histories. We strive to keep this rich tradition alive by honoring those who have gone before us and sharing their stories with current and future generations of Hawks!


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