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GOAL: $100,000

2024 DSU Give Day Ambassadors:
Kierra Schneider '22 & Xander Beeson '25

Mark your calendars! The date for 2025 is November 11, 2025!


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Receiving a scholarship has allowed me to continue to play the sport I love while achieving an education at a cost friendly price! I’m forever grateful. 
- DSU Wide Receiver Kaden Kuntz


"I am very humbled and thankful for the support of donors that provide the funds for the scholarships I receive at DSU. They allow me to fulfill my athletic and academic pursuits."
- TRHLP Student Director Griffin Obrigewitch

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"Scholarships provide opportunities, and opportunities provide a future."
- '22 DSU Grad Isaiah Kludt


"The scholarships I have received have significantly reduced the financial burden upon my shoulders and have allowed me to follow my aspirations of becoming a nurse."
- DSU LPN Elizabeth Widmer


Receiving a scholarship means someone else is believing in me and wants to invest in me. It allows me to pursue my dreams and create future opportunities while also knowing I am in a community that cares about me.

 - Student Body President Jacob Marley

Dickinson has brought me a place full of family and friends that has truly become my home away from! 
- DSU Softball Player Dallis Mitchell


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