There are many hard working individuals working to support the mission of the DSU Heritage Foundation. These committed individuals give their time to the different committees which make up the organization. Each committee is focused on a specific facet of the organization operation. Below are the committes of the DSU Heritage Foundation and their assigned duties.

Strategy and Planning Committee

  • Responsible to provide leadership, guidance, and recommendations on the DSU Heritage Foundation strageties.  This committee will also assure all priorities are aligned with the strategies and priorities of Dickinson State University.

Nominations Committee

  • The Nominations Committee is responsible for recommending all new board and committee members associated with the DSU Heritage Foundation.  Work with the DSU Heritage Foundation Executive Committee and Standing Commitee chairpersons to evaluate existing board members' talents, experiences, and capabilities with an objective to identify organizational gaps and needs required to optimize future board/committee performance and results.

Development Committee

  • The Development Committee is responsbile for developing strategies to establish, maintain, and enhance the donor development programs.  This committee will also assist to increase donor numbers and giving totals annually.

Investment Committee

  • Responsible in a fiduciary and policy capacity with respect to long-term investments referred to as the portfolio, including operation and administration of that portfolio.  This committee reports to the DSUHF Board by providing recommendations and oversight in numerous areas.

Alumni Committee

  • Alumni Relations coordinates the following functions on the DSU Campus:  Outstanding Graduate which recognizes graduating seniors who have gone above and beyond during their time as a Blue Hawk; Alumni Fellows which recognizes graduates of Dickinson State who have reached milestones within their profession; The Heritage magazine which showcases the achieveements of current students and alumni of Dickinson State; Outreach events and travel programs.

Finance Committee

  • Responsible and accountable for oversight of budgetary and financial operations of the DSU Heritage Foundation including development of financial controls, addressing financial irregularities, annual budgets, financial reporting and auditing.