Alumni Association

Campus Traditions. Long-Lasting Legacies.

The encouragement and support experienced as a student doesn’t end upon graduation. As we like to say, “Once a Blue Hawk – Always a Blue Hawk”. Dickinson State University began in 1918 when 104 students attended the first classes at the Dickinson Normal School. Since that time, more than 14,000 alumni have passed through the halls at Dickinson State. They live out the shared values of lifelong learning and service others.

Alumni Association

In 1920, the Dickinson State Alumni Association was organized by the first graduating class at Dickinson State Normal School. The purposes for which the Alumni Association is organized are:

  • To further the spirit of unity between the successive classes and nurturing the common love for their alma mater;
  • To promote the best interests of the University;
  • To aid in various ways, both materially and spiritually, the development and growth of Dickinson State;
  • To help all graduates and former students of the University to be better informed on the developments at Dickinson State;
  • and to encourage them to support the development and growth of Dickinson State University.

The Alumni Association members share a common goal of “friend raising.” The association hosts events such as local and regional gatherings across the nation to maintain connections and establish new relationships.
The Alumni Association is governed by a broad spectrum of members from across the region. They meet on a quarterly basis to conduct business of the association and hear an update on the University.
As a Dickinson State alum, you are automatically a member of the Alumni Association! There are no dues or fees and you have access to all of our alumni events and programming.

Who is an alum?

DSU prides itself on its mentality “Once a Blue Hawk, always a Blue Hawk”. Once you have become a part of the Blue Hawk family, wherever you decide to go in the future you will always have Dickinson State to lean on. We strive to make every member of our community feel welcome long after they have graduated.

How does Dickinson State define who is an alum? Each college or university defines alumnus/a in a different way. At DSU, an alumnus/a is anyone who has completed 12 credit hours at Dickinson State.

Dickinson State recognizes students who have completed at least 12 credits at DSU as being alumnus or alumna. We invite you to show your Blue Hawk spirit by staying in touch with your alma mater and your classmates.

It’s all Greek to me! (Actually, it’s Latin.)

Defining alumni (Definitions courtesy of

  • Alumnus – A male graduate or former student of a school, college, or university.
  • Alumna – A woman graduate or former student of a school, college, or university.
  • Alumni – Plural form of alumnus and also includes alumnae.
  • Alumnae – Plural form of alumna.

Get Connected

Stay connected with Dickinson State and your fellow alumni by liking us on social media. The Alumni Association has a Facebook account and DSU shares regular updates on the University Facebook, Twitter pages and its blog.

You can also send an email to: or call 701-483-2557.

Please include your name and former names under which you attended Dickinson State, as well as the year you graduated. We would love to hear your story and any updates you’d like to share!

Alumni Fellows

The Alumni Fellows program was implemented in 2003 to recognize alumni who have distinguished themselves in their respective careers. The purpose of the program is to bring prominent and outstanding alumni—leaders in their field—back to campus to share their experiences with students, faculty and administrators of the colleges. The Alumni Fellows Program is an annual event organized by the Dickinson State University Alumni Association.

Alumni Traditions

The Cane of Leadership was started in 2001 by the DSU Alumni Association. The cane is a historical time piece used to list the accomplishments of each academic year with a new ribbon. Prior to 2001, the graduating classes had a new metal ring indicating the year. That cane is filled with rings from every year dating back to 1926.

Alumni Benefits

We are working to create valuable benefits for you as a Dickinson State alumnus. If you know of additional benefits available to alumni of DSU, please let us know at

  • College Grad Auto Finance Program – American Bank Center
    • Recent college graduates may be eligible for special rates on a new or used vehicle. Contact alumnus Brady Boese at American Bank Center in Dickinson for more information.
    • Phone: 701-456-3303
    • Email: